Dr. Scott Richmond is a licensed, board-certified Chiropractor with 13 years of experience working with patients of all ages. He received his B.A from Buena Vista University with a degree in Athletic Training. After a season ending injury playing baseball, the course of his future career was set. Dr. Richmond received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 2005.

Dr. Richmond began learning more about integrative nutrition when he became very ill while living in a home with toxic mold. After being diagnosed with Mold toxicity, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), Chronic lyme disease, hypothyroid, heavy metal toxicity, and a multitude of other symptoms, he knew that he had to get to the root cause of the problem. After years of healing, multiple hospitalizations, and further education, Dr. Richmond founded Thrive Health, LLC in January 2015. He is currently working with patients locally and virtually around the U.S.

“I love being a Chiropractor and seeing the amazing results and healing potential each and every one of us possesses. I feel that one of the areas that so many practitioners miss is the Chemical Subluxation, or interference. I was one of those patients that no matter how I was adjusted or how many times, I was just not able to truly get well. I was forced to leave my home and many possessions behind, and it wasn’t until I became really sick that I knew my focus had to change. I began to relentlessly look for solutions, visiting with some of the top doctors, sending blood work to Spain, and spending many thousands of dollars trying to get well all while being away from my family and daughter. Due to many restrictions of care in Iowa, I had to travel out of state for the majority of my care. Through this experience, I feel there isn’t much that could walk through the door that we cannot confidently be able to help, or at least get them to the best place possible for their care. My job is to help each patient not have to spend all the time and the money trying to figure it out!”