Nancy S.

“After seeing your advertisement about the Thyroid and Weight loss event on Facebook, I called your office and explained I didn’t have a thyroid and wondered if this seminar would relate to my problem? You said it would help.

So far I have lost 40+ pounds but more important I am off 15 medications and free of all the chemicals and toxins I have been putting into my body forever. But, most important I feel good, I am enjoying my life and expect I will be enjoying my life for a lot longer!” *

Kathy W.

“I have been a patient for a little over a year, and hands down this is the best health care I have ever received. By following my specific protocol and keeping an open dialogue with Dr. Richmond I was able to discontinue taking all Rx meds within 6 months. I would have been on medication for the rest of my life had I not taken a leap of faith and contacted Dr. Richmond. I’ve never met a doctor that is as passionate about his work and his cause, which is to help teach patients how to live a healthy lifestyle, as Dr. Richmond. He’s knowledgeable, has a network of colleagues as resources, and his methods get real results.” *

Eric H.

“Just about a year ago I reached out to Dr. Melissa. I had just got out of the hospital for the 5th time in a year. I was suffering from severe, debilitating anxiety and panic attacks as well as severe depression and suicidal ideations.
I had tried just about every traditional medical treatment including 30 sessions of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) with very little to no lasting results. I was desperate and had very little hope left.
Dr. Melissa shared with me an alternative approach that I had not tried before. Instead of treating my diagnosed diseases and symptoms she told me she would do extensive tests to find out if my body functions were out of balance. And if any functional imbalances were found she could offer me safe and natural treatment options that could start helping my body function better. It made perfect sense so I gave it a try.Even before my test results were in she recommended some things to help my body heal and they immediately started helping.After only 6 weeks of being on her protocol the anxiety and depression went away completely and I was able to go back to work. Now, fast forward one year and I have zero anxiety and depression, my life is better then ever and those days of such horrible suffering seem like a distant dream. I am so tremendously grateful for all the loving help and guidance that Dr. Melissa gave to me, I feel that she gave me my life back.
Thank you Dr. Melissa you are an amazing skilled and compassionate doctor and human being.” *

Rob S.

“Dr. Melissa Arnold is at the top of her profession. I’m quick to recommend her work to anyone. Not only does she offer holistic, healthy, and safe structural care, but she does so with tremendous people skills that make the appointment pure joy. Her expertise has lifted my personal wellness more than I can say, not only by the work she has done on my poor back, but by the healthy maintenance lessons she has taught. I believe anyone who works with her will come away as as much a friend as a client, and that’s what all our work should be about.” *


* Thrive Health Centers provide individualized plans and care. Individual results may vary from person to person.