Health or Disease

Is your food leading you to health or to disease? Functional nutrition is nutrition based care focused on building health by restoring proper functioning in the body. It examines how food “functions” within our bodies.  Food is one of the most fundamental and powerful inputs we give our bodies every single day–a clear and impactful message to our biochemistry.

Experiencing multiple symptoms is your body’s way of telling you that it’s NOT functioning optimally. Rather than covering up or suppressing symptoms with medications, a functional nutrition coach will evaluate symptoms and test to uncover the root CAUSE of the dysfunction. It requires a customized strategy to achieve and sustain optimal health.

Determine Root Cause

Functional nutrition does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. A Functional nutrition coach looks at the whole of YOU plus your symptoms and may review any of the following:

  • Medical History
  • Medications and Supplementation
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle and Exercise
  • Conventional Lab results – identify what’s out of Optimal Range.
  • Functional Nutrition Testing – determine nutrient levels and/or genetic markers to rule in/out any deficiencies.
  • Plus any other diagnostics specifically recommended for you, i.e. hypothyroidism, diabetes, and leaky gut syndrome.

Mutual Commitment

A Functional nutrition coach addresses the WHOLE of YOU and focuses on improving all lifestyle factors including stress reduction, improved sleep and activity, practicing mindfulness plus balanced nutrition.

In order to achieve results, mutual commitment is key.  Your functional nutritionist’s role is to create a comprehensive program, based on root CAUSE discovery, to help YOU move towards health and away from disease.  However, they can’t do the work for YOU.  Ensuring the best results requires YOU to become an active participant in your health.

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